Q. How to sign up to S&P Capital IQ Standard and Expired Account information

1. Go to https://www.capitaliq.com/ and select New User? from the top right.

2. Enter your University email address and SUBMIT. You will be sent an email to your university email account.

3. Look in your email and click on the link Register to Access S&P Capital IQ

4. Enter your details. Ensure you carefully select the correct graduation date for the end of your course. If you do not choose the correct date, your account will expire early whilst you are still studying!

5. Fill in all the required details and REGISTER

6. Check your email account again and use the link to reset your password to create a password for your account.

7. Now Log-in to use S&P Capital IQ.

If you forget your password or you are not receiving password reset emails (as your account may have expired due to an incorrect graduation date) please email support.ciq@spglobal.com – they will ask the library to confirm your graduation date and then extend your account.